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Our Name
Our Town has not always been called Cottlesville. Different maps of the area in years prior to our generation, have called this Section of land Cottle's Island, Cottles Island, Cottle Island, Cottel Island, Cotell Island, Cattle Island, Cottle Village, Cottle's Cove, Cottles Cove And Cottle Cove. These name Changes have been both accidental and intentional. The changing of the name in 1980 from Cottles Island to Cottlesville was the result of a democratic referendum with over 80 percent in favor. It was the first time the Community had a legal name. Other changes have probably been due to misspelling because many people could not write. The first inhabitants lived on the island off our Northern Shore divided by tickle. When the residents of the islands moved to the mainland they brought the name "Cottles" with them, but to make the distinction between the island and the mainland they used "cove" and " village".

Lukes Arm Which is now a part of Cottlesville was recorded in 1951 they were both reported under the same name, Cottles Island. It remains a mystery s to why the name Cottle was applied. "Cottle" is a Bitish family name, also known as "Cotel" and "Coutelle."

Cottlesville is an incorporated community composed of two settlements, called Cottle's Island and Luke's Arm, located in three coves on opposite side of a small peninsula on the southwest side of New World Island. This peninsula is bounded on the east by Luke's Arm (from which the settlement of Luke's Arm took it's name), on the north by Puzzle Bay, and on the west by Cottle's Bay and Cottle's Island, a small island off the tip of the peninsula, from which the community of Cottles Island took it's name. Off the northern tip of Cottles Island is a tiny island called Storehouse Island. It is possible that both island were seasonally occupied by fishermen who wintered in the nearby sheltered coves of New World Island and eventually moved year- round to Cottle's Island and Luke's Arm.

Cottles Island is First reported in the Census of 1884, with a population of 25, five families of Wesleyan Methodists who probably came to Cottle's Island from the Twillingate Island. According to E.R. Seary (1891) most of the family names associated with the communities- Anstey, Cooper, King, Flight, Moors, Mugford, Philpott, Prior, Rideout and Watkins- were in the Twillingate area from the 1700's and 1800's. By 1891 the population had grown to 47, which included several Church of England families. Luke's Arm is first reported in the Census of 1911, with a population of 60, Mainly Methodist and Salvation Army families, while Cottle's Island had a population of 76 in that year, also Methodist and Salvation Army. Both communities were reported separately in censuses until 1951 when they were reported simply as Cottle's Island it had a population of 154 in1951 and 436 in 1966. The community of Cottle's Island- Luke's Arm was rename Cottlesville (Royal Gazette: Aug.15, 1980)