Town of Cottlesville  |  P.O Box 10  |  Cottlesville, Newfoundland, Canada  |  AOG 1SO  |  Telephone:(709) 629-3505  |  Facsimile:(709) 629-7411
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Town of Cottlesville Community Hall. This facility has a dining hall with kitchen. It also has the town office and meeting chamber.

The Cottlesville town council consists of a 7-member board with a mayor and deputy mayor. It also has a town clerk.

Town of Cottlesville
P.O. Box 10
Cottlesville, NF
A0G 1S0


In December 2011, your Town Council had the task once again of preparing and balancing the 2012 Budget. This continues to be a very difficult process, without burdening our citizens with a tax increase or having to reduce services. However, each year Council strives to present a balanced budget to Government. We are pleased to inform, that we have again, been fortunate enough to avoid having to increase any taxes this year. Listed below are the tax rates and fees which are in effect for 2012

Residential Property Tax 9.0 Mills Residential Minimum Property Tax $280.00
Cabin Area Property Tax $150.00
Fire Fee Tax $30.00
Poll Tax $280.00
Residential Water Tax (Permanent Connection) $204.00
Residential Water Tax (Temporary Connection) $180.00
Residential Sewer Tax $84.00
Salons Water/Sewer Tax $288.00
Manufacturing Business Tax Minimum $250.00
Tourism/Rental Operation 41 Mills
Tourism/Rental Operation Minimum $250.00
Fish/Crab Plant Water Tax $633.33/month plus usage
Fish/Crab Plant Sewer Tax $100/month
Fish/Crab Plant Business Property Tax 7.25 Mills
Fish/Crab Plant Business Tax 10.5 Mills
Grocery/Convenience Stores Business Tax 35 Mills
Utilities 2.5% of Gross Revenue
Small and/or Home Based Businesses $50/Year (includes $25 Annual Business Operating Permit)
Business Operating Permit $25.00
Business/Commercial/Industrial Building Permit $50.00
Residential Building Permit $10.00
Residential Renovations Permit $10.00
Water Turn On Fee (curbstop turned on) $10.00
Water Turn Off Fee (curbstop turned off) $10.00

The above fees for water turn on/off applies to those who request to have their water turned on or off, not to be confused with those who have their water turned on/off due to overdue taxes.

Please note that your four (4) quarterly payments for 2012 taxes are due in March, June, September and December. If your account becomes overdue, your water supply is subject to disconnection, without further notification from the Town. As well, please note that there is a $30 re-connect fee for those who have their water turned off, due to any tax arrears.

ALL TAXES, Property, Water, Sewer, Poll and Business Taxes and Fire Fees, which are not paid by, December 31, 2012, at the very latest, will have interest (Prime plus 3%) added to the balance, and either water disconnection or court action will be taken.

In addition, anyone still owing taxes for 2010 or prior years, can expect to have their water supply disconnected without further notice, or will have court action taken against them.

Town’s Email Address We would like to inform everyone that the Town now has an email address,

Parking During Winter Months Please be advised, that during the winter months, in the snow clearing, salting and sanding season, we request that there would be NO PARKING on the Town’s local roads. If any vehicle interferes with the snow clearing, salting and sanding operations, your street may not be cleared.

Thanking you all for your fullest co-operation.